Entrepreneurial journey

At Yellowchpater our aim is to share the journey of an entrepreneur.

Our objective is to create a go-to resource for other business owners. To learn about growth from the people who have risen from the trenches. Individuals who have tried and tested a lot of things, people who have learnt their business the hard way, and have created a unique niche for themselves.

We wish to tell stories that matter, stories with a heart; stories that teach, share, guide and above all inspire. We desire to portray the spark of creation in every entrepreneur and changemaker across the globe.

Most of the leading magazines, blogs and websites newspapers writing about entrepreneurs who are FUNDED & BIG, though there is nothing wrong BUT still we feel there is a need for a platform where the common man should be able to share their entrepreneurial journey.

There are many freelancers, boutique homestay owners, wilderness camp owners, restaurateurs, wildlife photographers, naturalists, home chefs, etc etc etc …….the list is endless are doing fairly good for themselves and have a lot which they can teach, share and guide.  

We have covered some amazing stories and are searching hard for more tales of like-minded entrepreneurs.

We currently focus on travel space and wish to provide a wholesome experience to our readers by covering stories around the amazing stay, lip-smacking food and unique experiences that were previously unheard of.

If you think you would like to share your entrepreneurial journey with our readers, please feel free to mail at

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