How a media guy is building an authentic organic foods brand?

Everything Organik- Affordable costs | Plucked fresh | Natural taste | Organic certified

YC - What is your background? What motivated you to start the company and what is it all about?

Anoop - My background is quite simple; I belong from a media & entertainment background. I always felt a desire to be an entrepreneur to not only work for myself but also giving something back to society in the process. While having a conversation with some farmers,

“I realized that there is a huge gap to bridge between the production and the consumers. The former being easy, we focused on the latter and so emerged an idea to tie all ends in a manner that is fruitful for everyone, producers and the consumers. “

Knowledge is power and we have made huge efforts to not only educate the farmers with modern farming practices and optimum yield techniques but also have made our consumers aware of the benefits of organic products, thus creating a demand in the process.  

YC - Could you please share with our readers about your core team and their roles :

  1. What is the current Team Size? We are a team of 7 people including myself and 40,000 plus farmers and I proudly say that they form an integral part of my team as well.

  2. Team Roles – Operations, Sales and marketing, and processing and packaging.

YC - As a founder how typically you spend your day in the office?

Anoop - I spend most of my time at the farms or conducting awareness workshops for the farmers about the new techniques and benefits of organic food and how to produce it in the most authentic and natural manner. Apart from that, I get in touch with the retired professors from the department of agriculture, who can help me to educate the farmers with new techniques that they can use for their betterment in the quality of products. Now with the amount of fresher’s coming in the field with graduate degrees in horticulture, it's really picking up the pace, and the future for sure looks bright.

YC - Have you used social media platforms to promote your products or services? Which channels have been very effective for your business? Which marketing channels have been super flops for your business?

Anoop - Both Instagram and Facebook have allowed us to promote our products but the reach we are hoping for is not yet up to the mark. I guess it takes time to build the business; it's an unsaid rule of the business. I might not call anything flop yet but to grow by leaps and bounds you need mega advertising and Facebook or Instagram has to work on that still people prefer the traditional way of advertisement I think that might be more than helpful, the combination of print, electronic and TV media.

YC - What according to you is the USP of your product or service, for which your customers come back to you?

Anoop - Certified, Affordable, organic “straight outta farm to your doorsteps “. We want to make sure the quality of food that we deliver is so pure that we become a brand of trust that we are making the products with which we can trust our own children, something precious for all the precious lives out there in the world. Food is consumed on a daily basis and it should be pure and purity is our emphasis and priority.

YC - Can you elaborate on the challenges you faced in promoting your business?

Anoop - Once I got into space and soon realized that growth is the easier part because when you grow it's all in your own hand how much you work, what ideas you incorporate, the techniques, and all that's your work and in your hand while selling is the difficult one because we can't buy our own product not only are we selling the product we are selling the vision also and making them understand the vision is important. Another thing that I felt was challenging was spreading the word and generating awareness about organic food both to the farmers and the consumers. Now that most of the influential people are shifting towards organic foods people hopefully will soon know why it's important and healthy to eat organic and pure but it's difficult and time-consuming. We are patient and know good things always pay off because it's inevitable that people shift to organic for their own good.

YC - Do you use any tools or software to manage your business? Is there any problem in your day-to-day operations which you wish could be solved with the help of software? 

Anoop - Currently, we use only Tally and the WordPress backend of our website but we surely lack the availability of a proper e-commerce inventory system that could make our life much simpler.

YC - What is the current traction? Can you share some numbers on your order volume, number of customers, and revenue?

Anoop - To give a glimpse of pre covid, we used to do an average of 50-60 orders a day three days a week, and during covid. The numbers went up to about 150-175 a day, and now when things are more or less streamlined, we do about 120-130 orders a day and revenue is confidential information. We won't be able to share much information but can surely say that we are in the green after so many years of being in the red.

YC - Based on your experience so far would you have any advice for new Entrepreneurs.

Anoop - To the new Entrepreneurs, my only advice is,

“to start generating opportunities not for themselves but for society. Create a need in the market, connect with people, share ideas and generate employment for the unemployed. “

Every entrepreneur should have a wider perspective on life and like I said many youths are entering the field with good hopes and good knowledge. It's a bright business in delivering quality food to the citizens of the world and particularly this country hopeful by the next decade people will realize how imperative organic food is for their good health.