How Kevichulie Meyase built Alder Tours and Travels, Your guide to North East India.

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YC - Tell us about your background - educational, personal & professional. We would also love to know about the team.

Kevi - I was born in a small village Khonoma which is popularly known as the First Green Village of India. Did my Master in Tourism Management. My humble office is situated in the state capital Kohima, Nagaland

About Alder Tours - Alder Tours and Travels is an established agency based in Nagaland, organizing tours in North East India for over 20 years, under my sole leadership. At Alder Tours and Travels, we design customized tours for travellers interested in exploring Cultural and Tribal life, Adventures, Bird Watching, Camping, Culinary Tours, Biking, Experience Tours and more. We take our travellers to the depth of the far-flung areas of North East India where they still find many prevalent traditions.

YC - What motivated you to become an entrepreneur – especially a travel planner? 

Kevi - I like to be independent, I like to build human relationships and wanted to create room for local people to grow with my dream. I am always interested in learning culture and tradition which are deeply rooted and wanted to revive the dying assets of the past which is our identity. Hence, Alder Tours and Travels was born.

YC - Starting something unique or creating a niche is always challenging- what challenges did you face in your early days? 

Kevi - The first challenge I faced was me, myself with all my limitations! The other challenge was to explain the importance of tourism to my own community, connectivities and services, etc.

YC - As a founder what primary functions are you responsible for, basically how do you typically spend your day in the office?

Kevi - Supervising the whole function of the office. Advertise tours, connecting and building relations with DMC and other tour operators from other states and countries. Updating our social media handles, Instagram - aldertours and Facebook - @AlderTours

YC - A memorable trip is a combination of a great stay + lip-smacking food and unique experiences - what are some of the unique experiences around your area which travellers must explore?

Kevi - The best time during the year to explore the North East is October to May. In other months most of the NE states experience heavy monsoon rain though it differs slightly. Some of the unique experiences around the area:

  • Unique way of living of the tridals.

  • Wildlife, beautiful nature, nature walk, caving, rare bird spotting and many others.

  • Stay with locals in a homestay

YC - What according to you is the USP of your company, for which your customers come back to you?

Kevi - Our USP is honesty and humanity which is blended with sincerity. Please check the client testimonials section on the website -

YC - COVID 19 has immensely affected the tourism sector. How are you coping with it and what would you suggest to your fellow business owners?

Kevi - I could earn nothing from tourism at this juncture, in fact, this is no time to tune in at all. I would like to suggest to my colleagues to come up with some proposals for the government relief fund! Work with sincerity and seriousness to promote tourism. Insist our government get serious about tourism and make more efforts for its growth like publishing articles in papers. Never lose hope. Create a stronger friendship in business among the private players.

YC - Based on your experience so far, do you have any advice for new Entrepreneurs?

Kevi - More entrepreneurs with deeper knowledge, ideas, far vision should come up to establish and lead tourism to a better feature.

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